Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Now that the turbines are up what are your thoughts on them?

I want some honest feedback, what are your thoughts? I've seen some of the photos here: http://www.epaw.org/multimedia.php?article=d1&lang=en

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  1. I was just there to do the family graves and always drive the streets that were my childhood haunts..I was stunned to see the windmills..I am still trying to sort out how I feel about them.

    If they are actually benefiting the people who can see them and they thinkits ok..I guess I don't object.

    It makes a very strong and obviou spoint though that something lie that has a wide visual impact, perhaps even affecting the value of property now deprived of a pristine view. I wonder if our review and approval process takes that adequately into account.

    I see only 42% of folk who care about Lincoln approve and yet there they stand. To me that says there is something wrong with our siting and approval process.

    Also have to note that your elected rep, Jeff Gifford, did not answer my email asking about ownership of the wind mill project...