Friday, January 14, 2011

first photos of Rollins Wind turbines

Lee Rand has two pictures on his website.

Check them out, they're about 6 scroll wheels down via this link -


  1. The Rollins project is an industrial blight being constructed illegally in a RR2 zone. Lincoln might as well start dumping old refrigerators, TVs,washing machines and dryers in the hills now. The town officials responsible should be ashamed

  2. First Wind is raping and pileging the formerly scenic mountain tops of Lincoln soley for the purpose of reaping profits from the taxpayers and government subsidies under the guise of "clean energy". What a farse!

  3. how the hell is it NOT clean energy?! and I suppose no Nuke plants in Maine either because you know its Maine and we'd rather burn oil!!

  4. Yesterday, Memorial Day, I went for a terrific bicycle ride on the new roads that connect all the turbines - they are amazing! They do make a whoosh-whoosh sound like a high-altitude jetliner and I could understand how living UNDER one might be uncomfortable. However, they are absolutely stunning examples of engineering and design. It seemed like 70% or so of them were up and spinning in the gentle wind.

    As far as ruining scenic mountaintops, I disagree. First, they are an example of progressive thinking that will lead us to a cleaner future. Second, how can anyone say they ruin mountaintops? Have you seen this:

  5. I agree with the statement that the anonymous posted on the 14th. Its a great step in the right direction. We need to get away from oil, this is a good step toward that goal. I enjoy having the turbines in the neighborhood. Its a great thing.

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